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"The huntsmen climbed the tree and fetched the maiden down and led her before the king. The king asked, ‘Who are you? What were you doing in the tree?’ But she did not answer. He put the question in every language that he knew, but she remained as mute as a fish.

As she was so beautiful, the king’s heart was touched, and he was smitten with a great love for her. He put his mantle on her, took her before him on his horse, and carried her to his castle. Then he caused her to be dressed in rich garments, and she shone in her beauty like bright daylight, but no word could be drawn from her. He placed her by his side at table, and her modest bearing and courtesy pleased him so much that he said, ‘She is the one whom I wish to marry, and no other woman in the world.’”

— excerpt from “The Six Swans” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Victorian Maiden
lace jacket, fur: vintage
rose corsage: Pink House
fringed rose clip: Perianth
shoes: Poetic Licence

  • 25 January 2014
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