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"Then she took the ring, and ran quite joyously home with it, and thought the little white dove would come and get the ring, but it did not. Then she leant against a tree, determined to wait for the dove.

As she thus stood, it seemed just as if the tree was soft and pliant, and was letting its branches down. And suddenly the branches twined around her, and were two arms, and when she looked around, the tree was a handsome man, who embraced and kissed her heartily, and said, ‘You have delivered me from the power of the old woman, who is a wicked witch. She had changed me into a tree, and every day for two hours I was a white dove, and so long as she possessed the ring I could not regain my human form.’

Then his servants and his horses, who had likewise been changed into trees, were freed from the enchanter also, and stood beside him. And he led them forth to his kingdom, for he was a king’s son, and they married, and lived happily.”

— excerpt from “The Old Woman in the Wood” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress, parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

underskirt: Victorian Maiden

necklace: Innocent World

corsage: Ingeborg

blouse, hat: vintage

  • 3 December 2013
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