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"The queen, however, did not love the king because he had no nose, but she would have much liked to love Ferdinand the Faithful. Once, therefore, when all the lords of the court were together, the queen said she could do feats of magic, that she could cut off anyone’s head and put it on again, and that one of them ought just to try it. But none of them would be the first, so Ferdinand the Faithful, again at the instigation of Ferdinand the Unfaithful, undertook it and she hewed off his head, and put it on again for him, and it healed together directly, so that it looked as if he had a red thread round his throat.

Then the king said to her, ‘My child, and where have you learnt that?’ ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘I understand the art. Shall I just try it on you also?’ ‘Oh, yes,’ said he. So she cut off his head, but did not put it on again, and pretended that she could not get it on, and that it would not stay. Then the king was buried and she married Ferdinand the Faithful.”

— excerpt from “Ferdinand the Faithful” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Mary Magdalene

hat: Alice and the Pirates

necklace: Innocent World

  • 19 November 2013
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