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"In the neighborhood, however, there was a forest of which it was reported that it was haunted, and that whosoever did but enter it did not easily get out again. The young King, however, had a great inclination to hunt in it, and let the old King have no peace until he allowed him to do so. So he rode forth with a great following, and when he came to the forest, he saw a snow-white hart and said to his people, ‘Wait here until I return, I want to chase that beautiful creature,’ and he rode into the forest after it, followed only by his animals.

The attendants halted and waited until evening, but he did not return, so they rode home, and told the young Queen that the young King had followed a white hart into the enchanted forest, and had not come back again. Then she was in the greatest concern about him. He, however, had still continued to ride on and on after the beautiful wild animal, and had never been able to overtake it; when he thought he was near enough to aim, he instantly saw it bound away into the far distance, and at length it vanished altogether.”

— excerpt from “The Two Brothers” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

coat: Juliette et Justine

shoes: Poetic Licence

muff: vintage

rose bow: Victorian Maiden

brown rosette: Moss Badger

blue lillies corsage: Ingeborg

peach rose clip: Perianth

  • 17 November 2013
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