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"Little Red Cap opened her eyes and when she saw the sunbeams dancing to and fro through the trees and how the ground was covered with beautiful flowers, she thought, ‘If a take a fresh bouquet to grandmother, she will be very pleased. Anyway, it is still early, and I’ll be home on time.’ And she ran off the path into the woods looking for flowers. Each time she picked one she thought that she could see an even more beautiful one a little way off, and she ran after it, going further and further into the woods. But the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house and knocked on the door."

— excerpt from “Little Red Cap” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress, hooded jacket: Pink House

gingham skirt: Wonderful World

cream skirt: Metamorphose

floral corsages: Moss Märchen and Pink House

  • 17 October 2013
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